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Wine List & Suggested Dishes


The perfect blend of food and drink!
Here are some of the wines we serve and the dishes we feel would be a perfect match!

Yellow Tail - Shiraz
Ripe cherries and strawberries, with spice and vanilla aromas.  This bold Shiraz wine is well-balanced, with earthy tones and lingering fruit on the tongue.  Goes great with strong cheeses, BBQ meats and beef, sausages, and pork dishes.

Delmonico Steak, NY Strip Steak, Filet Mignon, Hotel Hamburger

Fox Run - Cabernet Franc
Aromas of fresh berries and spice are backed up by hints of jam and oak. Very soft and plush in the mouth, with perfect integration of flavors. This versatile red pairs effortlessly with pizza, chicken wings, spaghetti and burgers.

Hotel Hamburger, Meat Lasagna

Canyon Road - Merlot
With a soft and elegant mouthfeel, this wine has deep flavors of rich cherries and jammy blackberries, followed by hints of vanilla and spice. Perfect with poultry and grilled meats or red pasta dishes.

Meat Lasagna, Crecian Chicken, Filet Mignon, NY Strip Steak



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