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Our History. . . . .

The Phelps Hotel is a Historical Landmark which was built in 1867 by Peppermint Magnate, Lehman Hotchkiss at a cost of $26,000.

Main Street - Phelps, NY

It has hosted visitors to the area since its Grand Opening on New Year's Day in 1868! Local historians tell us that 300 dinners were served on that first day of business.

Before the Depression, wealthy New York City and Long Island notables who enjoyed visiting the beautiful upstate area to engage in the sport of Pheasant Hunting, chose the Hotel as their favorite place for lodging and fine food.

francis.jpgFrancis & Joanne Sullivan purchased the building in 1993 from George Sullivan.  At that time, Fran & Joanne owned The Village Restaurant that was on the East side of town where Community National Bank is today.  In August, 1993, The Village Restaurant was moved to The Phelps Hotel. Joanne Sullivan is the current owner as Francis Sullivan passed away in 2004. Joanne, with the help of her children, continues to operate the Historic Phelps Hotel Restaurant with the same tradition of excellent food and friendly hometown service.During the Post Depression era, The Hotel became famous for "Chicken in the Ruff", a dish which is still fondly remembered by many local residents and is still featured as a special.


From 1868 to the present day, this grand old building is reminiscent of the graciousness and charm of days gone by. Although it no longer offers lodging, the tradition of excellent food and friendly hometown service continue to make it the favorite meeting (and eating) place it has been for well over a century.

Visitors to the Finger Lakes Area who are looking for a great place to dine in addition to taking in some authentic local history make the Hotel a must on their itinerary. Everyone stops to admire a large unique and fascinating photograph of the Hotel displayed in the front entrance hall which was taken on Labor Day in 1907. It is a memorable glimpse of small town America shortly after the turn of the century.




Phelps Chamber 2015 Person of Honor Award: Joanne Sullivan

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