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 Hors D'Oeuvres Menu

(subject to availability during our menu remodel)



Prices are per Platter -- Platter serves approximately 50 people




Deep Fried Shrimp $195.00  Peel'n Eat Shrimp $195.00
Clams Casino $195.00 Shrimp Cocktail $295.00
Fried Mozzarella Sticks $85.00 Spiced Crab Puffs $125.00
Swedish Meatballs $95.00 Vegetables & Dip Display $85.00
Chicken Fingers $95.00 Cheese & Crackers with Fresh Fruit Garnish $120.00
Cocktail Hot Dogs $85.00 Herbed Cheese Pita Wedges $95.00
Potato Skins w/Bacon $95.00 Tortilla Chips w/Salsa and Nacho Cheese $95.00
Sesame Teriyaki Chicken $95.00 French Pastry Cheese Twists $95.00
Artichoke Stuffed Mushroom Caps $125.00 Mini Turkey & Cheese Roll-ups $125.00
Scallops with Bacon $225.00 Phyllo Flowers with Shrimp Herbed Cheese Filling $125.00
Assorted Stuffed Phyllo Savories $95.00 Puff Pastry Tortlets with Cheese Filling $95.00
Grilled Marinated Beef Strips $95.00 Chilled Sesame Chicken Brochettes $100.00
Gourmet Pita Pizza Wedges $125.00 Cocktail Sandwiches $195.00
Cheese Allumettes (Cheese broiled on puff pastry $125.00    
Crabmeat Barquettes (Crusty pastry with crabmeat filling $175.00    





Mini Sweets: (Creme Puffs, Cannolis, Assorted Fancy Cakes) $150.00  Non-Alcoholic (Serves 40) $80.00
    Alcoholic (Serves 40)  
    Whiskey Sour $125.00

COFFEE - Full coffee urn (100 cups)

$120.00 Red Wine $125.00
     Caraf of Chablis $25.00 
     Caraf of White Zinfandel $25.00
     Caraf of Burgandy $25.00




 We do our best to provide enough food for your event, however, any food left over, is not to be taken by the customer.



All prices are subject to 7.50% Sales Tax and 18% Gratuity.
All prices are subject to change without notice.


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